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Creating Packages for PMP


Last updated on October 23, 2018

Before you create an inventory package, consider the best practice guidelines below.

Best practiceDescription
Offer compelling inventoryDemand partners look for exclusive, compelling inventory. Some examples of compelling inventory include:
   • Creating packages based on audience segments or which include highly-viewable placements.
   • Offering contextually-targeted packages, such as “Sports” packages which target sports sections on news sites.
   • Including more interactive inventory, such as rich media.
Broaden the reachOffer a package with large appeal like a “Home & Garden” package. A “Garden Hose” package limits the target audience.
Include additional package informationTo create a package, you must include the Package Name and the Domains within the package. Including the following fields helps your demand partners to better understand your packages:
   • Description
   • Domains
   • Contact Name
   • Contact Email
   • Targeting
   • Private Marketplace Package Rates
Set informed pricesSet your CPMs above the average OpenX Ad Exchange CPM. If you need assistance, visit the OpenX Community.