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Managing Packages


Last updated on October 29, 2018

To view all available inventory packages, go to Inventory > Packages. The View Packages page is displayed, where you can:

  • View the status and rates of all your packages.
  • Sort the list by clicking the corresponding column headings.
  • Filter packages by name and/or status:
    1. Enter the package name in the search field.
    2. Click the filter icon next to the search field.
    3. Click Status and Active and/or Paused.

      The list updates to display the packages that meet your criteria. To hide the filter fields, click the filter icon again.

  • Create new packages (see Creating Packages for PMP).
  • Edit existing packages. Just click the name of the package and update the details as needed.

    If you modify an existing package, any floors or Private Marketplace deals using this package will be affected. To check where the package is used, click Pricing Controls or Deals on the main navigation bar and filter the floor or deal lists by the package name. To avoid any conflicts, you can clone the package instead of editing.

  • Pause, resume, duplicate (clone), and delete individual or multiple packages. Note that to delete a package, you may need to remove it from any deals and floors where it is used or delete those deals and floors, if they are no longer used.

    1. Click the checkboxes next to the packages that you want to pause, resume, clone, or delete.
    2. Click the corresponding button above the list.