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Managing Deals


Last updated on October 26, 2018

To view all available deals, go to Deals > List View. The View Deals page is displayed, where you can:

  • View the name, status, type, priority, price, and other details of all your deals.
  • Sort the list by clicking the corresponding column headings.
  • Search deals by their name and/or ID.
  • Filter deals by package name (for example, to see if a specific package is used in any deals), status (for example, to find all expired deals), and/or deal type. Click the filter icon next to the search field and enter any of the following criteria as needed:

    • Type and select the Package Name.
    • Select the Status.
    • Select the Deal Type. The list displays the deals that meet your criteria. To hide the filter fields, click the filter icon again.
  • Create new deals.
  • Edit existing deals. Just click the name of the deal and update the details as needed.
  • Pause, resume, duplicate (clone), and delete individual or multiple deals:
    1. Click the checkboxes next to the deals that you want to pause, resume, clone, or delete.
    2. Click the corresponding button above the list.

    Before deleting a deal, make sure you no longer need it. You cannot recreate a deal with the same ID. An advertiser may have targeted that ID and may want to reuse it. If you are uncertain whether you will need a deal ID in the future, you can pause it or give it an end date.

Prioritizing Deals

Optimizing a deal’s priority may help improve monetary performance. Deals are part of the Non-guaranteed buying model tier of inventory that fall into one of several groups: preferred, private, or open auction.

Of these deal groupings, only preferred and private deals compete directly with each other. To ensure that OpenX Ad Exchange can automatically resolve any conflicting deals, the deal priority of preferred and private deals can be set. OpenX Ad Exchange uses the following rules to resolve conflicts between preferred and private deals:

  • Deals with a lower number take precedence.
  • Multiple deals with the same priority are resolved based on the price.
  • If multiple deals have the same priority and price, a winner is randomly selected.

You can set a priority when you create a deal (by default priority is 5) or adjust it later.

To prioritize an existing deal:

  1. On the View Deals page, click the name of a deal.

  2. In the Deal Details section, drag the Priority slider or click the menu and select the appropriate priority.

  3. Click Save Deal.