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Managing Segments



The Your Segments screen allows you to manage the segments you’ve created by uploading your data files. You can apply a series of actions to a segment by utilizing the actions list .

In the Your Segments screen you can achieve the following:

Searching and Sorting Segments

To search for a segment file, type the name of the segment in the search box. To sort segment files, toggle the desired column header. Columns are arranged in descending order on the first click and ascending on the second click.

In addition, the filter tool allows you to sort and filter segments by Type and Status. You can apply more than one filter.

Segments Table

The Your Segments list contains the following information for each segment.

NameThe name of the segment.
Segment ReachThe segment’s total reach of users. A tooltip listing a breakdown of the reach data appears when hovering over the icon:

TypeThe type of segment.
StatusThe status available for segments are as follows:

   • Ready: A segment that is ready to use for audience creation.
   • Processing: A segment in the process of being ready.
   • Error: A segment that failed processing.
Date UpdatedThe date and time the segment was last edited.
Date CreatedThe date and time the segment was created.
Allows to create a lookalike segment and/or audience from a modeling of matched audiences. This button appears when hovering over a segment’s row.

(Actions List)
The list of actions to apply to a segment. This list appears when you hover over the last column. For a complete description of actions, see the table below.

Applying an Action to a Segment

To apply an action to a segment, hover over the last column of the segment, click on the actions list , and then select one of the following:

RenameRenames the segment.
ArchiveArchives (deletes) the segment.

In addition, you can bulk archive segments by checking the boxes of the segments to archive and then clicking .


Actions become available based on the segment status.

Creating a Lookalike Segment

To create a lookalike segment:

  1. Hover over the row of the segment you want to utilize to create the lookalike and then click .

  2. The Create Lookalike dialog appears. Complete the following:

    In this fieldDo this
    Lookalike nameType your new lookalike name.
    Choose Lookalike SimilarityMove this slider based on the amount of lookalike similarity you desire. For example, moving the slider left will increase similarity and moving the slider right will increase reach. The default value of Medium considers both Reach and Similarity equally.
    Include seed users in this new lookalike segmentCheck this box if you need to include seed users in the new lookalike segment.
  3. Click . The lookalike segment is now created and listed in the Your Segments list. Once its status reaches Ready, the lookalike is ready to use for audience creation.