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Targeting Video Inventory

Demand Partners

Last updated January 16, 2019

Video in the OpenX Ad Exchange provides web and app inventory for your video ads. In addition to standard in-stream and interstitial placements, you can also bid on opt-in video and out-stream placements. OpenX does not support and, therefore, will not monetize, low-value video ad units, including in-banner video.

The key parameter is, the object in OpenRTB that contains all the attributes of the video placement.

To target video placements, create a new ad with the following attributes:

  • Size: All in-stream video sizes
  • Creative Type: VAST

Opt-in Video

Opt-in video (also known as rewarded video) motivates users to watch full-screen, non-skippable video ads by giving them a reward in exchange for watching the video ad to completion. For example, this reward could be access to premium content or features, ad-free service for a time period, or in-game items (an extra life or a new character).


Out-stream is also called “in-article” and is a way to describe a video ad that is shown anywhere outside of video content. For example, if you are reading an article and see a video ad between two paragraphs, this is an out-stream video ad. In-article/out-stream is designated in the OpenRTB Video object’s placement field.