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Targeting Mobile App Inventory

Demand Partners

Last updated November 6, 2020

To target OpenX mobile app inventory, you need to identify mobile inventory in bid requests and set up targeting criteria in traffic sets.

Identifying Mobile Inventory in Bid Requests

You can identify mobile app inventory from OpenX by checking for the parameter which identifies the URL of the app store initiating the request, such as:{nameofapp}/id{bundleid}

Every request entering the OpenX Ad Exchange must include a URL for inventory. Otherwise OpenX drops the request. For mobile app inventory, since the app store URL is always passed in bid requests, it is consistently available in case the bundle ID or app name is not. Because some mobile buyers do not target based on the app store URL, OpenX augments requests with bundleID or app name when it is available.

Setting up Mobile App Targeting in Traffic Sets

When setting up traffic sets, use the following targeting criteria to target mobile traffic.

Under Add Technology and Devices, add:

  • iOS (all)
  • Android (all)
  • RIM (all)
  • WindowsPhone (all)
  • WebOS (all)

Under Select Domain, allowlist: