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Creating Orders and Line Items



Last updated on May 13, 2021

OpenX Apollo gives you the ability to create multiple line items in an automated way. This is achieved on the Order Tool screen, where you can define multiple line items in GAM (Google Ad Manager).

To create orders and line items:

  1. Click the Order Tool tab.


    You must click Sign to Google as it requires additional authentication to the Google API.

  2. Complete the Order Details section:

    In this fieldDo this
    Order NameEnter the order’s name (for example, Order-name-xxxx). If the final number of created line items exceeds the maximum permitted number of line items within one order (450), an adequate number of orders will be created under the same name and different suffix.
    NetworkFrom this list, select your Network (the GAM Account you want to generate the order and line items for).
    CurrencyCurrently set to USD by default.
    GranularityEnter the granularity amount. The minimum granularity is 0.01.
    TypeFrom this list, select one of the following:

    Min Price (CPM)Enter the minimum price (CPM).
    Max Price (CPM)Enter the maximum price (CPM).
    Line Items NamingEnter a line items name (optional). For example, line-item-name-300x250-xxxx.

    If the line items name is not specified, the format is as follows: {order_name}-{rate_value}
    For example, if the Order name is Apollo, the line items will be: Apollo-0.01, Apollo-0.02, etc.
    Ad FormatFrom this list, select one or more of the ad formats that you need. At least one ad format is required.

    The ad formats you select will be listed:

  3. Click .

    The order / line items are now created in your GAM account.